Welcome from the School Principal


The education that we as parents received should be significantly different from the education that learners receive today. Anything short of that is not recognising that societies have evolved and children are entering a stage of the knowledge economy where technology, innovation and entrepreneurship are major game changers.  As societies evolve, so should education also evolve. In fact education should set the pace and become the beacon, pathfinder and lead the way to which society should conform to. This requires foresight, fortitude and wisdom. Anything else is irrelevant and misdirected education and is tantamount to routine schooling, which holds the danger of ill-preparing learners. Routine schooling takes place where parents unknowingly sent their children to school, with the misplaced hope that they are being prepared for the future to become economically independent.  In this paradigm, schooling is make believe, displaced hope and is totally out of alignment to the realities that children will face in the future in terms of the knowledge economy and the competitive global economy.

Make believe education holds significant danger to the child’s future economic prospects and the child’s future financial independence. It is therefore absolutely critical that the education we provide to our learners today must not only be relevant, but must empower them to be economically independent, globally aware and equipped to confidently occupy their place in competitive global economy. South Africa’s schooling system continues to produce learners that companies do not want to employ and that Universities have to retrain.


At Chartwell Leadership School (CLS) we are deliberate and focussed in our approach, we specifically intervene to align our education curriculum to the demands of the knowledge economy and global arena. In this respect we place significant emphasis on the foundation phase, where we provide our learners with a firm education foundation, on which we can build upon. The pillar of a modern innovative society and successful economy is to invest in quality education and particularly in good quality pre-school and primary school education.

As from 2019 computer coding and robotics were introduced as additional subjects at the school. The knowledge attained will complement our learner’s education to meet the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We believe children must love education and see value in its potential.   Education must empower our children and inspire them to believe in a better future. The school has an evidence based approach towards education and our parents are our reference. We believe that quality education should be self-evident and we are proud that our learners do radiate quality education.


Drama and the arts performances has evidently played a significant role in developing our learner’s confidence and public speaking abilities. Our school is a participant in the Gauteng Entrepreneurship Olympiads Competition. Our learners successfully staged their first performance, Fees Must Fall Drama at the National Grahamstown Arts Festival. The play is thought provoking, intelligent and inspiring.  Through the play our learners had the opportunity to be interviewed on Power FM, SA FM and Grahamstown Radio.  In 2019, our school has partnered with various Universities in jointly staging our legal drama, namely My Future My Fear.

English is the primary language of tuition;Setswana and Afrikaans are taught as optional second languages subjects. The school has a strong sports culture. At CLPS, all children have the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity as a part of the school curriculum. Chartwell Leadership Primary School (CLPS) is nestled between the urban and agricultural setting of Fourways and Northriding.  CLS has extensive playground activities and farm animals on the school property. Our education model and value proposition prepare learners to become economic citizens for a global environment. Character building, respect and traditional values are important cornerstones of the schools culture and we instil a passion for learning.  Our school practices sound religious and moral ethos that instils discipline and responsibility amongst learners. When parents and stakeholders engage with our learners, their faith and hope in quality education is invariably restored.

We are focused on developing compassionate, brave, ethically and global-minded learners’ that are inspired to learn. We want our learners to understand the importance of social justice, community service, wise risks taking and lead change in an ever-changing world.


You are welcome to visit our school and we are confident that you will be heartily inspired by our learners.  If you need more information, you can call me on 0764452545.


Simon White